Hands-On Cooking Events
​Party Style
Come join the party in the kitchen where you will create delectable dishes with your team. The ingredients are laid out for you to build tasty creations from our recipes set to music and wine or beer of your choosing. 

Everything is Better with Bacon What is better to serve up at your next big football party (did someone say Superbowl?) than bacon wrapped, stuffed, baked and infused dishes.  Learn also about curing and smoking your own bacon from Chef Mick.

Gridless Global Street Food  We've collected some of our favorite street foods from around the world, and made them quick, fun and delicious. Perfect for entertaining!

Festa della Pasta   You know you love to eat it, now you can learn to make it by hand just like those Italian grandmas do every Sunday.  Mix it, roll it, fill it, cut it, then sauce it up and ciao down at our Festa della Pasta. 

Paella Party   Spain is famous for El Bulli, bull fighting and of course Paella, the delicious rice, vegetable, seafood and meat dish infused with saffron, the most expensive of spices.  And what better than some Spanish bar snacks, better known as tapas to go with our paella?

Mastering Sauces  A good sauce can elevate a dish to great heights.  Chefs Mick and Barbara will show you the techniques and tricks to making a great sauce every time. 

Cooking Techniques for the Modern Kitchen You need to know how to wield a knife properly in order to cook efficiently (and impress your friends).  We provide you with the basic skills and fundamental techniques to do this. 

Sausage Making Wanna get your hands meaty? Learn one of the oldest forms of preserving meat in our hands on sausage making class.  

Workshop Crafts
Here we work on mastering culinary skills and focus on improving your culinary knowledge and technique.
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