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"How often have you wanted to recreate your favorite Italian pasta dishes right at home but felt you didn't know how, or thought it'd be too complicated? Making pasta from scratch at home is easier (and a lot more fun) thanks to Mick and Barbara Dimas, from Add Thyme.

Barbara is the queen of all things baked, and comes from Sur La Table in San Francisco, where she is the former Culinary Manager and resident chef for 8 years, until they regrettably closed the doors to the culinary program. Mick is a hedge fund manager-turned-chef. He is your go-to person for anything grilled, smoked, and particularly sausage making."   Continue reading on 
Mick in the Mercury News:
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"The culinary scene may be the attraction, but the restaurant environment isn't for everyone, of course. Former San Francisco hedge fund trader Mick Dimas left the investment world when he realized he didn't have any passion for "the whole finance thing." Instead, he went to culinary school and now works as a caterer, menu consultant and part-time cooking instructor with Parties That Cook, a team-building-through-cooking operation whose clients include Google, Genentech and companies throughout the Bay Area. 

"If I were a chef in a restaurant, that would be like an office job for me," Dimas says, "the same daily rat race and routine." 

Dimas may be following his bliss now, but the move came with significant monetary sacrifices. Dimas earned less in his first year as a chef than the taxes he paid on his bonus as a trader. 

"It's a little hard to digest," he groans."                         for full article click here​
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I can't say enough good things about Barbara Dimas and her ability to infuse a passion for cooking. I took as many of her classes at Sur La Table's Maiden Lane kitchen, as I could because she gave such a fun and relaxed feeling to every class. It doesn't matter how much you already know about cooking, I can guarantee you will learn something new. To say I'm ecstatic to know she has found a new venue to continue teaching and cooking would be an understatement. Buon Appetito!
- Teresa Goodfellow
I have taken a lot of cooking classes around the Bay and Barbara's classes were the best. She was able to mix both professionalism and fun making the entire class a great learning experience. Not only did she teach skills but she also gives you information about the culture, the ingredients - everything you need to know to become a better cook. I can't wait to get back to her classes!  
- Virginia Layton
We always learned so much in your classes and had such a good time in the process. You are the only one I know who could make a knife skills class sexy and humorous!
- Alice Bartholomew