Basic Techniques for the Modern Kitchen
Let us show you how to plan and cook quick, delicious and healthy meals.

We will focus on improving knife skills, and mastering basic techniques of sauteing, roasting, as well as making vinaigrette.

Join us as we help you become confident at slicing, dicing and chopping by using the most important tool in the kitchen, your chef's knife. Basic skills and fundamental techniques will be covered as we mince, dice, batonnet, julienne and chiffonnade a variety of vegetables and herbs.  

This class is designed for beginning cooks as well as advanced home cooks wanting to improve their confidence and speed with their knives, as well as improve their confidence in cooking.

Dice an Onion

Julienne a Bell Pepper
Chiffonade Basil
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More info about the class:  

We will demo one cutting technique and then have the students try it, with both of us going around the classroom to make sure that each student practices proper technique. And then what to do with the sliced zucchini, diced onion, julienned bell pepper? We will teach you to make a frittata (a baked omelette), garnished with a chiffonade of basil. What about the chopped carrot, sliced tomato and segmented orange? We will show you how to make your own citrus vinaigrette to serve over a bed of baby greens. Of course you will be able to enjoy the salad and frittata at the end of class. I loved teaching basic cooking classes and this class will really start you off in the kitchen, not only with the most important skill for efficient cooking, but also some basic cooking technique for you to enjoy in class! Yes, a knife skills class where you can also eat!
Knives and aprons will be provided for use during the class.

Class starts promptly at start time. 
As you will be cooking and using sharp objects, closed toed shoes are required.

We always learned so much in your classes and had such a good time in the process. You are the only one I know who could make a knife skills class sexy and humorous!
- Alice Bartholomew