Terms and Service
Gridless Global Events Start at $800* with an additional $75 per person over 10.

Paella & Abbondanza Events start at $1000* with an additional $100 per person over 10

Steakhouse & Top Chop Events start at $1200* with a an additional $110 person over 10

Services included:

All food, cooking equipment and accessories are provided.

A chef for every 10 guests, we want our guests to be comfortable and have the ability to work and learn with our professional chefs.

We do the dirty work, tedious prepwork (peeling potatoes, snapping green beans, devaning shrimp etc.) cleaning, dishwashing are done by our staff so you may enjoy your party.

All service ware- plates, silverware, wine glasses, water glasses and linens are provided.

Email copies of all the recipes will be sent along with photos taken at the event to those that request them at the event.

Complimentary snack tray and soft drinks provided at the start of the event.  

Aprons provided during the event to guests as well.

Music set to the tone of your event to have everyone grooving to the cooking beat.

*Theses prices do not include the price of the kitchen rental which can run $300-$800.